How To Shop For Clothes Online (And Not Return Them!)

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Are you obsessed with online shopping or does it terrify you?

Chances are if you weren't shopping online before 2020, you are now!  I know personally, my online shopping has increased in EVERY way this past year; from clothes to food to shampoo.

But I guess the question I really want to ask is are you a  GOOD online shopper?  It can be hard...specifically when shopping for clothes.
Well, I'm going to share my little tips and tricks with you so that you hopefully have more wins than returns!

Know Your Body

Know not only your size but your measurements.  We all know there is no universal size medium, so it is useful to have your measurements handy to know for sure what size will work.  You can google the best way to measure or visit a tailor to do it properly.

Most websites will have a sizing chart and if they don't (like some items I carry on bestow(ed) boutique) reach out!  I'm literally so excited to help you find the perfect item!  Just ask!

Also, learn what specific fits you like on your body.  What is flattering for your body type?  Then learn that lingo!
For example, if you're pear shaped like me, you might like a fit and flare style so, search for a-line cuts.  Or if you have broader shoulders, you may want to avoid cap sleeves.

Know Your Fabrics

This is such an important part of successful online shopping that most people don't think about.  However knowing what fabrics you like and don't like is crucial for picking items you love and items that will last!
Some of the most common materials you'll hear are: cotton, rayon, lycra, acrylic and polyester.

I would suggest going into your closet and picking some of your favorite items and looking at the tag.  What are the fabrics in the item?  That will help you narrow down what fabrics work best for you and your lifestyle.

My rule of thumb for certain items/fabrics:

Jeans - Cotton is great but most want a little lycra or spandex added in.  That's what is going to give them the perfect amount of stretch and comfort you want in a good pair of jeans.  Cotton is generally going to be more stiff.  Don't go too high on the spandex/lycra count though or it's going to stretch out!  I love a 97% cotton to a 3% spandex ration personally!

Sweaters - Wool is a great natural fiber for warmth but A LOT find it itchy or can be allergic so typically leaning to acrylic or cotton (but be warned, cotton in sweaters can shrink/fade!) is a safer option.

Tops - Cotton again is great but tends to be a little more stiff and can shrink.  Be aware that tops with more than 50% rayon, jersey or viscose may pill but polyester is generally a safe option for tops.

If you are ever curious about a fabric you see listed, google it and read up!  It'll help ensure you're getting what you're wanting.

Don't Be Afraid of the Tailor

Obviously, in an ideal world, everything we buy would fit perfectly upon receiving it.  Sometimes that just isn't the case BUT if you love the item and the fabric, the fit can be altered.

I'm pear shaped (and borderline petite) so sometimes it is necessary for me to tailor items so they fit me best.

For example, I was shopping for high waisted trousers.  I went through the above steps of checking measurements and materials and knew that to get the look I desired, I needed to size up to fit my hips however that left a gap at my waist.  SUCH an easy fix at the tailor (and only $15 at my local spot!) and now they look PERFECT.  Remember, it doesn't always have to be expensive items or is always an expensive fix but tailoring will give you that high end look.
Also, tailoring is such an art and I love seeing what they can do!

Hopefully these tips help you feel more confident shopping online for clothes that work, last and that you love!!!

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